The Definitive Guide to Free Fonts

One of the most common questions Typewolf visitors ask me is “What’s the closest free alternative to Brandon Grotesque?” And “What’s the closest free alternative to Proxima Nova?” And so on. I know every designer would love to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fonts for their next project. But I also know that not every project has that kind of budget. And I know how frustrating it is wasting time trying to find quality free fonts.

So I put together a PDF guide to help designers in this situation. Any designer who regularly uses free fonts will save hours of time and will discover some truly great typefaces. It’s possible to have beautiful typography even without a big budget.

The closest free alternative to every font on Typewolf

  • Discover free alternatives to the most popular (and expensive) fonts used by designers
  • Features over 1,000 fonts
  • The product of hundreds of hours of research—the most complete and accurate collection you will find anywhere online
  • Save hours of time searching the web for the perfect match
  • Features not only Google Fonts but free fonts from all over the web

The 10 best serif + sans-serif font combinations on Google Fonts

  • Some Google Fonts combinations lists on the web almost seem like the combinations were chosen at random—this list features typefaces that truly complement each other
  • Includes visual examples and explanations of why these combinations harmonize so nicely
  • Each combination consists of a recommended body copy font that includes regular, italic, bold and bold italic styles and renders well on screen at smaller sizes, meaning it has low to moderate stroke contrast, large counters, open apertures and an adequate x-height

The absolute best free fonts from around the web

  • The 40 best free fonts that aren’t on Google Fonts—free for both personal and commercial use
  • The 10 best free “hipster” fonts
  • You’ll be surprised by how many truly excellent free fonts are out there that you most likely aren’t even aware of

Free lifetime updates

  • You’ll be able to download the latest version of The Definitive Guide to Free Fonts at any time—it includes free alternatives to all the new fonts added to Typewolf, as well as continuous tweaks and improvements to ensure the closest possible match
  • The guide has been updated weekly since I first launched it in 2014 and will continue to be updated as long as the product is available
  • Essentially a lifetime subscription to the best in free fonts for a one-time purchase—stay on the cutting-edge of typography

Bonus content

  • Gain exclusive access to a special section on Typewolf that features only sites using free fonts—a great source of inspiration showing what can be done using free fonts
  • Includes a ZIP file with the 40 best fonts available on Google Fonts so you can install the fonts locally and use them in your desktop apps

Help support Typewolf

  • Every purchase helps support Typewolf and makes the site a sustainable side project

Huge disclaimer

  • In general, most free fonts make a poor alternative to commercial fonts—please support type designers and purchase fonts if your project has the budget for it

Sample Pages

108-page PDF guide featuring over 1,000 fonts
Get this for free with the Flawless Typography Checklist ($399)

Jeremiah Shoaf

By Jeremiah Shoaf  ·  Last updated on May 12, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the fonts free for commercial use?

All of the closest free alternative fonts listed include an option available on Google Fonts (which are all open-source and available for both personal and commercial use). The fonts in the “40 Best Free Fonts That Aren’t on Google Fonts” section are all free for both personal and commercial use as well. That said, always carefully read the license before using any free font as the terms are subject to change.

How do the product updates work?

New fonts are featured on Typewolf every week, and the PDF is updated accordingly to list the closest free alternative. To grab the latest version, simply use the download link in your receipt email (try searching your inbox for “the definitive guide to free fonts”, “gumroad”, “jeremiah shoaf” or “typewolf”). If you can’t find your receipt email, just reach out to me and I’ll resend your receipt with the download link.

Are there any recurring charges for the updates?

No. It’s just a one-time purchase. There are no recurring charges. It’s essentially a lifetime subscription for a one-time purchase.

How does purchasing work? Is it secure?

Payment is made quickly and securely through Gumroad. I do not store or have access to any of your credit card information. There are no accounts to sign up for, and the entire checkout process takes about 30 seconds. The product is delivered instantly after payment, and I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase for any reason.

Which fonts does the guide feature the closest free alternative to?

The guide features the closest free alternative to every font featured on Typewolf (over 1,000).