Top 10 Brutalist Fonts

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Brutalism is a design trend that no one can quite agree on the definition of. Every time someone describes something as “brutalist,” another person will jump in and say “that’s not what brutalism is.” Whatever the exact definition, brutalist designs tend to look purposefully raw and unpolished with harsh colors and non-traditional layouts. I like to think of the look as the polar opposite of a corporate website—something that makes you think there is no way upper management would ever approve of that design direction.

Pretty much everyone hates brutalist design, yet it somehow magically keeps getting more popular. Some brutalist design can lean towards the ironic 90’s-style (think Comic Sans and rainbow unicorn GIFs), however, the style I feature on Typewolf tends to be of the more subdued and type-driven variety. The fonts featured here aren’t necessarily brutalist themselves—they just seem to be used frequently in this style of design, however you want to describe it.

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