Canela is a display typeface designed by Miguel Reyes and published through Commercial Type in 2016. Reyes began Canela as an interpretation of William Caslon’s display faces but deviated from there into a design that is neither purely a sans-serif nor a serif. The flared stroke endings, which were inspired by his experience with stonecarving, lend the typeface an inscriptional quality. Canela is available in six weights with matching italics.

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Canela Specimen

Canela Type Specimen

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Luke Fenech
Oct 30, 2017
FontsCanela, Work Sans
Invest in your career as a designer and become a typography expert.
Morning Boys
Oct 8, 2017
No2 Opus Place
Sep 30, 2017
FontsCanela, Circular
The Cut
Sep 11, 2017
FontsCanela, Chap, Georgia
Matthew Vernon
Sep 1, 2017
FontsCanela, Px Grotesk
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