Top 40 Favorite Designer Portfolio Sites

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This is a curated collection of my all-time favorite designer portfolio sites ever featured on Typewolf. The focus here is on personal portfolios, rather than design studios (which I have a separate list for here). I’m using the general title designer, but this includes art directors, product designers, web developers, graphic designers, editorial designers, content strategists, copywriters, artists, UI designers and UX designers.

I’m also using the term portfolio loosely here. A current trend amongst designers (especially those not actively looking for work) is to have a simple about page with an overview of their professional experience, rather than a traditional portfolio website showcasing all the projects they have worked on. My personal site falls into that category, as do many of the sites featured here.

To come up with this list, I went through all 2,500+ sites featured on Typewolf over the past seven years, saved all the portfolios and then narrowed it down to my 40 favorites. It was tough to choose only 40. The order doesn’t really matter—number 6 isn’t “better” than number 7—I just arranged the thumbnail images in an aesthetically pleasing way, more so than following any kind of ranking system.

Obviously, since this is Typewolf, everything here is pretty type-centric. Most of these sites are using commercial fonts from indie foundries, but there are plenty that are using options that are readily available on services like Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts. Anyway, I hope this list provides you with some inspiration for your next portfolio redesign. And if you make something cool, please be sure to share it with me.

Matthew Galloway
Matt Yerman
Fonts — Canela, Vaud

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