Flawless Typography Checklist
Flawless Typography Checklist


Graphik is a sans-serif typeface designed by Christian Schwartz and released through Commercial Type in 2009. Schwartz originally designed Graphik for his own corporate identity. The design of Graphik was inspired by the lesser-known grotesques and geometric sans-serifs of the twentieth century.

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Graphik Specimen

Graphik Type Specimen

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Apr 17, 2017
FontsCaxton, Graphik
Apr 3, 2017
Typographics 2017
Feb 17, 2017
FontsOhm, Graphik
Nov 28, 2016
FontsGraphik, Miller
Chocolatier Megève
Sep 22, 2016
FontsMiller, Graphik
Wildfire Studios
Sep 12, 2016
FontsQuarto, Mercury, Graphik
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